Corporate Blue

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Corporate Blue
Corporate BlueCorporate BlueCorporate BlueCorporate Blue

: Corporate Blue

: 7.x

: Zyxware

: Zyxware


: XHTML 1.0

: Yes

: 3 columns

: Fixed-width

: 0

: 3

Corporate blue theme is a super clean professional theme with a div based, fixed width, 3 column layout developed and designed by Zyxware Technologies.This theme is based on NineSixty (960 Grid System).

The theme has been tested in Firefox 14.0, Google Chrome 21.0, Chromium 18.0 (all in Ubuntu). The theme is fully XHTML1.0 and CSS compliant. Let us know the compatibilities in other browsers and we can update the list here.

Corporate Blue theme comes with a featured slide show. To configure slide show, follow the below steps

  1. Goto admin/appearance/settings/corporate_blue.
  2. Now select Banner managment and upload your images and click save configuration

Document on how to enable Corporate Blue Theme


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